• Ocean freights. We use the major ocean lines calling the Big Sea Trade Port of St.Petersburg for all sorts of freights: containerized cargoes, ro-ro, bulk and liquids. Since we have a regular and considerable cargo flow via them, special rates are given for our cargoes and your even a small lot cargo could benefit from it.
  • Air freights. Petersburg is a major air harbor of North-Western Russia, its main airport “Pulkovo” is conveniently located and cargo department is very efficient. We book all sorts of urgent cargoes to and from St.Petersburg by air. Pls, check allowed weights and dims in advance, since not all airports in Russia have regular cargo plane connection and carrying freight by passenger planes have some limitations.
  • Multimodal transports. Our multimodal department arranges for sea, road, rail and air carriages and combines all modes of transport when feasible and safe. We take good care of transshipments, accumulate cargoes from various destinations at warehouses in Europe and ship as one lot to Russia. After customs clearance in Russia we likewise could break large lots into smaller parcels, store, sort and distribute goods all over Russia at customer’s instructions.
  • International Trucking. We work with reliable truckers ex and to EU: tents, Megas, high and low boys, as well as small trucks and part loads arrive on a regular basis.
  • Related services. If the case needs it, we arrange for loading operations at shipper’s side, empty SOC units provision, storage, wrapping, packing, survey of the cargo in Europe. EX1 and transit declarations could be issued at shipper’s request.


  • Local trucking. We have both our own trucks and employ all kinds of trucks of our long-term partners to cater to your needs (first and foremost containers, heavy and out-of-gauge cargoes, special temperature regimes, liquids and IMO, etc). All the trucking we do is provided with necessary permissions and is monitored en route. Trucking is not limited to to/from St.Petersburg only, we arrange for on-carriages from remote railway stations to the places of destination, if any roads are there, deliver from one city to another, even help with cranes at cnee’s warehouse.
  • Russia by air. If you have urgent cargoes by air to various destinations in Russia, we will arrange for delivery, re-pack if necessary to fit into passenger planes (NB: not all destinations in Russia are served by cargo planes as well as not all cargoes could be accepted by air).
  • Rail way deliveries. We love rail and think we are among the top rail forwarders in the port. We do it from the very beginning – 1996 year, our personnel have got not only special education, but also vast knowledge and expertise in Russian rails. Rail on-carriage is rather fast, reliable and in some areas of Russia the ONLY way of carrying cargoes to. All necessary rolling stock, rail drawings, lashings, securing cargoes against a stray stone or rain/snow – we provide for it. Former CIS countries, Finland, Mongolia, China are very well served by rail.
  • Inner water ways. Sea-barge used to be a well-established mode of carriage in the former times, a bit declined in the turbulent post-communist years, but now under revival. Might be also an option to consider for out-of-gauge cargoes to cities on Volga or Lena rivers. St.Petersburg is conveniently located on the Neva river — a picturesque starting point of a large river-canal system of NW Russia.
  • Northern Sea Route not to be forgotten as well, but is you have heard about this route, you are a hard-beaten forwarder yourself, years in this business, eh?


Customs clearance is our strong point, something what we do fast, at least cost and with due diligence.

We have started clearance in the port of St.Petersburg as from the very beginning – 1996 year and in 2002 we have received the All-Russia Customs Brokers License. This allows us to clear cargoes all over Russia, to act on behalf of our customers, pay money to the state budget for them, do a lot of things to involve the customer himself into the clearance process to the least extent. We believe that everyone should do what he is best meant to do – we should go through all the tiresome bureaucratic procedures of Russian customs, you should sell your cargoes and provide service to your customers without extra headache.

We work at the following customs:

  • Baltic — St.Petersburg port customs
  • Petersburg (for cargoes arriving by trucks and rail)
  • Excise – for excise goods (like various machines, spirits or oil)
  • Pulkovo (cargoes arriving by air)
  • Murmansk
  • Vladivostok
  • Blagoveshensk
  • Vorkuta
  • Novorossyisk

The last 4 of the above mentioned customs are named after the cities in Russia, where we arrange for clearance by sending declarations from head office in St.Petersburg by means of electronic system and in case some services will need footwork (like customs checking, X-raying, docs approval, etc), we have our own local personnel to help.